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Wheely 1

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Wheely the little red car was put on sale, but even so nobody seemed to be very interested despite the discount. This is breaking our main character’s heart, but when he sees a poster about an upcoming automobile race, he knows what he must do! Joining a race and winning it will show everyone that our hero is a fantastic car. And so in Wheely 1, our funny car has decided to escape from the showroom, but he’ll need your help to make it through the puzzle-filled 15 levels of this game. Clear the way and help him reach his dreams!

As the first game in the popular series, Wheely 1 features 15 levels with lots of interesting puzzles to solve, intimidating enemies to avoid, and a colourful world to experience. Start the game at the Pegas car showroom, where the red car is parked by the display window. He’s excited about the adventure that awaits him, so let him know when it is time to move by clicking on him. He’ll move forward and you can use the lever to free him. Your objective is to reach the finish line at the end of each level, which is marked with a red flag. Each level has different puzzles to solve, traps and obstacles to avoid, and mean characters to evade. Look carefully at all the levers, platforms, elevators, and buttons in each level. Move everything into place and allow yourself to roll forward in Wheely 1. Have you figured out how all the machines work? Some levels are a little more tricky because the button you need to push in order to get rid of an obstacle might be hidden beneath something. In some levels, you’ll have to help our hero to escape from the police cars. Push obstacles in their way to block their path. Keep your eyes both on your pursuers and on the road. To avoid unwanted attention, you can also chang appearance by changing color, wheels, and windows. It might not work as planned, but having a new look surely lifts one’s spirits!

A fine example of the Point and Click Puzzle Game genre, the game Wheely 1 has many sequels. Go ahead and check out the other games in our Wheely games collection!


Pegas Games developed this game, as well as Wheely 2, Wheely 7 and Wheely 8 among others.

Release Date

May 2011


  • 15 levels to play
  • Simple controls
  • You can customize Wheely’s appearance
  • Colorful graphics and funny narrative


Use your mouse to play this game.

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