Spongebob Snail Park

Spongebob Snail Park

About Spongebob Snail Park

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Spongebob Snail Park is welcoming you to the undersea fun! This park is nothing like the parks you have ever known. In this underwater park, all of the visitors are snails. Gary the snail, and his friends are coming here to have fun during the day because everything here appeals to them. Your job in this game is to make sure that they are having a good time. Good luck with satisfying your snail customers!

These snails expect many things from you. First of all, you need to decorate the park as a place for amusement. In the chest above, you have four different items. Use watering to give energy to the snails, the camera to add a snail to the photobook, the brush to make a snail relax and comfy, and the ball of yarn to play the snails. You will get coins if you meet the demands of your customers. The coins can also be hidden under the sea plants! As you collect the coins, you will see them increasing the number at the top of the screen. Use them to buy new items and replace them on the green lightning spots in the park. By the way, don’t forget to feed the snails and try to provide all of the food options so that you will have every type of snail customers. Now that you know all about the park, get ready to start the game. Have fun!

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  • Spongebob theme
  • Fun kids’ gameplay
  • Animal involved kids category
  • Underwater life


Can be played with the mouse.

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