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Play Wheely 7 for free online! The adventures of everybody’s favorite red car continue in the seventh game of the popular series! Many things have happened to him in his previous adventures, but nothing can stop Wheely from wanting to experience more! Normally, a trip to the bank should be uneventful, but you are in Wheely’s world, where even the simplest things turn into an adventure that will suck you in! After depositing his money and returning home, Wheely hears sirens coming from the bank. Sneaky cars have stolen everything down to the last dime and Wheely has to catch them. Grab your magnifying glass and your detective coat. It’s time for an investigation!

Filthy thieves! They stole every penny from the bank, including Wheely’s money! The police cars are nowhere to be found, so it falls to Wheely to catch the thieves. In the seventh Wheely adventure, you will be visiting various places in the city as you collect clues on each level. Like the previous games in the series, each level is filled with puzzles and obstacles that you need to solve to complete the level. In addition to the main puzzles in the levels, you can also try to find two hidden items to earn stars at the end of each level. A toy car and a wheel are hidden in each level. Pay attention to your surroundings and you’ll find them. The controls are also easy. All you have to do is click on the buttons, levers, platforms, and other mechanisms to move and activate them by using the left mouse button. To complete a level, solve all the puzzles, clear all the obstacles and help Wheely reach the end point!

Show those thieves that they can’t get away with robbery! Are you curious about the other adventures of Wheely? If so, be sure to check out our collection of exciting Wheely games!


Wheely 7 was made by Pegas Games, as well as its sequel Wheely 8.


  • New characters
  • A new adventure
  • Puzzles
  • 15 levels


Use your mouse to play the game.

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