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In the Wheely world, even a mundane chore like mowing the lawn can get really extreme really fast! Join the shiny red car Wheely in his 5th adventure and see how what starts out as an ordinary day turns into an action-packed adventure! Replacing a broken lawnmower should be an easy job. But not when there is an Armageddon happening! Can Wheely survive this bizarre day while his wife Jolie watches TV, completely unaware that it’s, like, THE END OF THE WORLD???

Welcome to Wheely 5, where puzzle solving meets adventure and excitement. Broken lawnmowers, a meteor hurtling towards the Earth, panicked citizens, traffic jam, yada yada yada… As usual, it’s turning out to be a tough day for Wheely. Luckily, he has you. Are you ready to face the chaos? Can you help Wheely get a new lawnmower despite all the mayhem in the city? As Wheely’s most trusted helper, your objective in the game is to clear all the obstacles from Wheely’s path by solving puzzles, pushing buttons and pulling levers, just like in the other games of the popular series! On each level, you will face different puzzles. They may seem difficult to solve, but if you put your thinking cap on, you’ll be able to crack the mysteries. Before you start moving Wheely around, have a look at the level and get to know the mechanisms. You can push some buttons to see what happens, but sometimes that will cause you to get stuck on a level. To activate a button or pull a lever, all you have to do is to click on it with the left mouse button. Clicking on Wheely will make him move. If you want him to stop, just click on him again. Some puzzles require you to time your clicks carefully or Wheely will get stuck, or worse!

Courage is Wheely’s defining trait, and he proves this on many of his adventures. From forests to cities and even in outer space, Wheely will go anywhere he needs to. Why not join him on his adventures with our collection of Wheely games? When you are done playing Wheely 5, try out its sequels Wheely 6, Wheely 7 and Wheely 8.


Pegas Games


  • 13 levels to play
  • Colorful graphics
  • Interesting puzzles
  • Entertaining gameplay


Use your left mouse to play the game.

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