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Wheely 2

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Everyone’s favorite little red car is back for a new adventure in Wheely 2. Our curious car is on the move again. His simple life as a bachelor changed when he saw another car and fell head over heels love! Escaping from the car park to see his new love didn’t go so smoothly though. His love interest, the little pink car, is unexpectedly taken out of the showroom and has been loaded up for transport. It’s up to you to help Wheely chase down the truck and reunite the lovers! Help Wheely prove that nothing can stand between true lovers!

In Wheely 2, the cute car is back with more entertaining levels and interesting puzzles in this second game of the popular Wheely series. Explore 16 levels full of new puzzles and characters. Wheely 2 tells the next chapter in the life of the little red car as you go on an adventure to travel the land, cross the sea, and even take to the sky! Who said cars can’t fall in love? Wheely is keen on finding his crush and confessing his love. Nothing will stop him! He will travel the seas, venture into deep forests, and even jump out of a plane for love! Just like in the other games in the series, your objective as the player is to clear the path for Wheely in each level and help him reach the endpoint without getting trapped or killed. Pull the levers, rotate the cogs, and press the buttons! Use the left mouse button to activate mechanisms and figure out how everything works. Pay attention to the timing of your actions, since some puzzle pieces and obstacles are mobile. Tell him when to move and when to stop by clicking on him.

Wheely’s adventures don’t stop here. There are many more games in the series and you can play them all at PokiFun! Check our Wheely games page to find out more! Have fun playing!


Pegas Games is the developper of Wheely 2, as well as the sequels Wheely 5, Wheely 6, Wheely 7 and Wheely 8.

Release Date

September 2013


  • A funny love story adventure
  • Lots of levels
  • Challenging puzzles
  • Cute graphics


Use your left mouse to play the game.

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