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You’ve arrived just in time! Wheely and Jolie are about to go to the movies! Come and join them in the sixth installment of the entertaining puzzle game series, Wheely 6! After all the trouble theyve been getting into lately, both Wheely and Jolie deserve some relaxation. Seeing all the great new movies playing at the local theatre, they decide to visit. In Wheely 6, as he becomes immersed in the movie, our hero finds himself in a medieval setting surrounded by knights, kings, princesses, and wizards. The princess gets kidnapped by the evil sorcerer and it is your job to help Wheely rescue her!

After jumping from planes and traveling to space to stop a meteor from hitting the Earth, Wheely now finds himself in a fairytale. Wheely 6 offers loads of fun and exciting stories in 14 levels, each one filled with fun puzzles, just like the previous games. Uh oh: The silhouette of the dark wizard and his dragon is darkening the sky. Youd better start the rescue mission immediately! As Wheely’s trusted helper, your objective is to clear his path in every level to help him reach the exit safely. To do that, you have to solve the puzzles and remove the obstacles you come across. The dark forces at work might be beyond the comprehension of simple folk, but the controls of the game are very simple. To interact with the buttons, levers and other game mechanisms, click on them using the left mouse button. On some levels, you have to time your actions carefully because Wheely might get stuck or even die! Wheelys story cant end like that, so be careful! At the end of each level, you can win a maximum of three stars. You get one just for completing the level. To get the other two, you have to find two hidden objects: a wheel and a toy car. The wheel is blended into the background so it may be a bit challenging to find it. The toy car is rather easy to find. All you need to do is poke the surroundings to discover where it is hiding.

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Pegas Games


  • 14 levels
  • Fun gameplay
  • Puzzles
  • Nice graphics


Use your left mouse button to play the game.

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