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Tiny Town

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Welcome to the Tiny Town! In contrast to its name, this settlement offers grand opportunities for governors with ambitious hearts! It is up to you to renew this patch of land and turn it into a thriving metropolis. Hire workers and let the construction begin. Soon people will notice the change. When that happens, they won’t want to pass the chance to become a part of something this big! Get ready to watch your future residents flocking to your city!

Tiny Town is a fun city building game with nice graphics and entertaining gameplay. As a rich investor and a governor at heart, you must try to build a city and improve it over time. When you first start the game, the only building you have is the city hall. This is the base of your operations. The first building you should add to your town in order to make progress in this game is the factory. Factories produces food for the citizens, and it will create more jobs. The population of your city increases as you produce more food. There are 5 other buildings you can add to your city. Each building produces different and crucial resources for both your city and your other buildings. Mines will produce oil and you can use that to build the power plant. The power plant produces electricity so you can upgrade other buildings. Yes! Now you can upgrade your buildings to increase their production! The rating of your city will also change according to your actions. When you meet certain criteria, such as a certain population size and the amount of money you possess, your city will rank up! Keep your ratings high and watch your little hamlet grow into a bustling city!

Start with a single building and show your governing skills by building an attractive city. Welcome new residents and keep the production up! If you enjoy building a city, try ruling an empire next with Goodgame Empire. Additionaly, we have a wide collection of Skill and Puzzle games, which are perfect fits for who loves Management games.


  • 8 different buildings
  • Resource management
  • Nice graphics
  • Entertaining gameplay


Use your mouse to play the game.

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