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These orcs are unruly, mean and unhygienic! And what’s worse, they have their hearts set on conquering your kingdom in the addictive game Tiny Battle. Well, if that’s what they want, they have to come and get it! Train your units, manage your resources and show those pesky green orcs that they’ve chosen the wrong kingdom to lay siege to! Can you repel the unrelenting waves of these brutes and keep your kingdom safe from their greedy grasp or will you fall beneath their attacks and let them capture your castle?

Tiny Battle offers fun gameplay with colorful graphics and cute characters. Yes, even the orcs look cute in this game. The king needs your help against the approaching orc siege and as the player, it is your objective to train units to send them to face those enemies. Resource management is the key to achieving a victory over your enemies in this game. Each unit requires a certain amount of resources to be trained. Luckily, collecting resources is someone else’s job and you don’t have to divert your attention from the war efforts to gather them. With time, your resource numbers will increase. There are four different unit types that you can use against the orcs. These are cavaliers, archers, knights, and catapults. Try to have a balanced mix of each unit to launch a successful attack on your enemies. To control your units, you can either click on them individually or press the button located in the upper left corner of the screen to command all the units at your disposal. Click anywhere on the map to move the units there. They will attack an enemy automatically. Can you defeat all the orcs before they reach your castle?

Keeping an eye on your resources to improve and develop your town, village, castle or even a business is a fun gaming experience. We have many free management games here at PokiFun that you can enjoy for free. Have fun!


William Green developed Tiny Battle.

Release Date

October 19, 2018


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Different units to train
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Cute characters


Use your mouse to play Tiny Battle.

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