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Santa Slide

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Let Santa escape and save Christmas for everyone in Santa Slide! Santa’s been very busy lately, but all his hustle has got him into some trouble. All he wanted was to find his way to get the gifts to the good boys and girls, but he got stuck on his way. Can you help him escape where he’s stuck?

Santa got into a road that he wasn’t supposed to enter. Now, he can’t get out of the gridlock he’s been in. His way is blocked by some huge ice blocks. The thing is that you can help him by moving the blocks of ice. The only way to clear Santa’s way is to slide all the ice blocks and open his way to the exit door. There are 60 levels full of puzzling gridlocks. You need to let Santa out of these grids one by one by sliding the many ice blocks in a way to clear his way. Sometimes the blocks will be there in a way that it will be challenging to solve the correct order to move the blocks to clear the way. But you can manage it for the sake of Christmas! Now, are you ready to use your puzzle-solving skills to save Santa Claus?

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trezegames developed Santa Slide.

Release Date

December 13, 2021


• 2D colorful graphics

• 60 levels to complete

• Requirement of puzzle-solving skills

• Joyful Christmas carol playing in the background


You can use your mouse to slide the ice blocks.

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