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In Total Recoil, it’s time to fight against the giant robots! They are trying to conquer our world and you have to stop them! You will command a team of heroes who sneaked into RoboCorp’s factory! Will you be able to lead them and save the world? Good luck!

The expected moment has come, the robots waged war on humanity! You have to fight against them to save the world! Are you ready? If your answer is yes, start the game by clicking on the play button. Your objective in this game is to destroy all the robots by entering the factory. You can shoot with your right and left clicks or you can use your right and left arrow keys. Your character is armed with amazing gunfire, you just need to control him to make him do stunts. You will have 30 levels to pass. In each level, you need to collect coins and stars. You can follow the number of them at the top of the screen. You will also see your remaining life there. You can unlock new characters with these coins. Be careful! Don’t try to take them before killing the robots, or else they destroy you! Do your best and get rid of all the robots in each level! Good luck!

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Demonte Maximiliano developed Total Recoil.

Release Date

April 25, 2018


  • 30 levels to complete
  • Unlockable characters
  • Intuitive controls
  • Exciting gameplay


You can use your left-click or left arrow key to shoot left, right-click or right arrow key to shoot right.

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