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With Microsoft Bubble, let’s jump into the bubble shooting fun in bright colors! Be ready for the breathtaking backgrounds and thrilling bubble action! You need to use your skills and strategy to match three or more bubbles of the same color. Will you be able to complete all the levels? Have fun!

Welcome to the world of colorful bubbles! This bubble game is perfect for players of all ages! Your goal in this entertaining game is to pop all of the bubbles in order to complete all of the level tasks! If you’re ready to have a good time, click the play button to start the game. To explode the bubbles, you must match at least three bubbles of the same color. You can pop the bubbles by swiping them with your mouse. To explode the bubbles, connect them, and then release the mouse! There will be some rainbow bubbles that you may use to change the colors in your combination and help you reach the level’s goal. Keep in mind! Each level will only allow you a certain number of moves. As you go through the game, the levels become more difficult to complete. You can also earn coins by popping specific bubbles. You can follow your progress and the number of remaining bubbles on the left side of the screen. Have fun!

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Microsoft developed Microsoft Bubble.

Release Date

June 3, 2021


  • Different modes to choose
  • Power- ups to collect
  • Multiple levels to complete
  • Entertaining and colorful gameplay


You can use your mouse to play this game.

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