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Play Tanki Online and let the ground tremble beneath you as you take control of your tank to face your enemies. Put on your uniform and wear your helmet, soldier! We are going to war! Start off with a humble tank and progress your way to the ultimate war machine as you unlock new weapons and tools. Step onto the battlefield and give no respite to the other players in this online multiplayer game. Tanki Online, with its 3D graphics and many customization options for your tank, will let you unleash the war general within you! So team up with other players and become the king of the war zone!

As an online multiplayer game, Tanki Online provides lots of options to customize your tank. Before heading into the battle, visit the garage and take a look at all parts you can apply to your tank. You can choose between turrets, hulls, drones, supplies and many other options to change the look and the stats of your tank. The game uses crystals as currency and you can earn those as you compete and win matches. After choosing and purchasing a piece of equipment, you can upgrade it to increase its effectiveness. You can unlock various items after reaching a certain rank, so keep on playing until you’ve collected them all. After you get your tank in top shape, you are ready to enter the battle arena. Head to the battle section and choose a type of match to join. There are plenty of match types, and each requires certain objectives to be fulfilled in order to win. During the matches, crates will spawn at certain locations. You can collect them to aid yourself and your teammates. Try out different equipment combinations and climb the ranks as you defeat your enemies.

Join a team and conquer the battlefield together. Upgrade and improve your tank and become the nightmare of your enemies. Join the fun and play with many other players from all around the world. Do you like the feeling of adrenaline coursing through your body? Then check out our other action games for more fast-paced fun!


Tanki Online was created by AlternativaPlatform

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  • 3D maps and realistic graphics
  • Fully customizable tank
  • Ranking system
  • Multiple game modes
  • Online multiplyar gameplay


Use WASD or the arrow keys to move. The Z and X keys move the turret. Use the C key to center the turret. Use SPACE BAR to fire. Press Delete to blow yourself up and restart.

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