Extreme Offroad Cars 3: Cargo

Extreme Offroad Cars 3: Cargo

About Extreme Offroad Cars 3: Cargo

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In Extreme Offroad Cars 3: Cargo, you have important packages to deliver on a rainy day! These cargos are dangerous chemicals, and you should make a complete delivery. It may not be easy as it sounds, though. The path is long and full of obstacles that can slow you down. Try not to miss even a barrel while trying to find your way to the finishing spot. If you are ready to step into this 3D adventure now, let the game begin!

These roads can make you go crazy. You can draw circles around and lose the way. Try to find your path and keep continue no matter where it takes you. Your objective in this exciting driving simulation game is to reach to finishing spot which is a red and empty construction with as many cargos as possible. If you drop or lose the cargos on the way, you may get fewer points. To get a full 3 stars, you should deliver at least 11 cargos out of 14. You can unlock new vehicles as you complete the levels and proceed in the game. Don’t let this messy field stop you from doing your job. If you get stuck and cannot find where you should be heading, you can repeat the level from the beginning. Challenge the weather and prove how much of a good driver you are now!

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Vitalitygames.com developed Extreme Offroad Cars 3: Cargo.

Release Date

April 12, 2021


  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Exciting truck driving simulation
  • Several levels to complete
  • Fun and engaging gameplay


Use the arrow keys to move around and mouse to change the camera view.

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