Player: 234 plays invites you to build your own factory, which you can improve without limits. This fun game is all about building factories to automate the creation and combination of shapes. Proceed in the game, improve this business, and unlock several new features. You must use strategies to place the tools so that you can increase the pace of your factory. If everything is crystal clear for you now, let’s get it started. Shall we?

Welcome to this fascinating simulation game where you’ll need your focus and time. Once you enter the game, you will find yourself in an infinite area to build your factories. What you are going to do is create paths and connect the resources to the main fac. You only need your mouse and nothing else to play it. Also, all controls are explained within the game. You can navigate by dragging the mouse and the keyboard. Click on the tools situated at the bottom of the screen and drag them to a suitable place. Release the button to put. Once you connect the paths, these increasingly complex shapes will flow through the factory. As you expand your business, you’ll income will increase simultaneously as well. You can unlock other tools and improve your fac even further. You can get rid of the pieces by using the trash button. Have fun!

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Tobias Springer IT Solutions developed

Release Date

June 8, 2020


  • 2D black and white graphics
  • Endless area to build factories
  • Simple controls
  • Fun and engaging gameplay


You can use your mouse to play this game.

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