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Welcome to the world of Pou! Your most beloved alien is here, and it needs you to take care of it. Start your adventure with Pou when it is a little alien whose needs you can understand in time. The quicker you learn Pou’s needs, the faster it will grow up with your good care. Can you take this responsibility and be the helping hand in Pou’s life?

Pou is a special alien and most importantly, it is very sensitive. You should take good care of it by washing it, feeding it and sometimes by playing games with it. Its whole life is you and you can engage in fun activities together to make it happy. Occasionally, Pou will need you to wash it with his soap. It likes bubbles! You can feed it with apples and broccoli, only to unlock many other foods with your points. The better you take care of Pou, the more points you will get. With those points, you can buy new clothes for it and make it happier. Pou already is a happy and adorable creature, but you can make it look even more adorable with the clothes you buy for it. You will have daily tasks to complete for Pou to stay healthy and comfortable, don’t forget to complete them. Fun games like hill drive, sky hop, and food drop are there to make both you and Pou happy, so don’t miss them out, either! You can take Pou out to spend some time in the garden. It will sure like it, too. Go spend some time with Pou now and watch it grow up happily with the help and care you provide to it.

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Zakeh Limited developed Pou.

Release Date
November 18, 2021

• 2D colorful graphics
• Pou’s cute growth in time
• Mini-games to play
• Equipment to unlock

You can use the mouse of your computer to choose options and the arrow keys for the mini-games.

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