ECO inc. Save the Earth Planet

ECO inc. Save the Earth Planet

About ECO inc. Save the Earth Planet

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Save our home in ECO inc. Save the Earth Planet! Our planet is way too precious for us to ruin the special things on it. Life on earth is a miracle and now it is your time to pay your tribute. Play an active and important role in the ongoing events and save planet earth now!

In this game, you will be the sole decider of the most important decisions for the future of life. Choose one of the three main gameplays; save the earth, seaspiracy, and climate strike. There are two new gameplays that are yet to be live! After you choose one of these options, you can choose your headquarter continent from the map. The rest is up to you and your decisions. You can see the timelapse from the right upper corner of the screen. There will be many options about the future of nature for you to choose from, especially when it comes to possible catastrophes. You can ignore or prepare the area for these catastrophes. Just know that you will face the consequences of your actions. Use your budget wisely, invest in eco-friendly initiatives and save the world, the animals, and mother nature now!

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GameFirst developed ECO inc. Save the Earth Planet.

Release Date

March 16, 2022


3D colorful graphics

Multiple game systems to choose from

Requirement of strategic thinking

Engaging and interactive 3D world map

3 different types of gameplay


You can use the mouse to choose the options.

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