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Dr. Panda Daycare

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Dr. Panda Daycare is welcoming you to the cutest kindergarten ever! This time you will be the one who takes care of the children of these animals! These kids cannot stay home alone when their parents are at work! Will you be able to take care of all these kids? Have fun!

It is one of the brightest days today! And it is a perfect day to enjoy with children outside! If you are ready to spend your day with these kids, let’s jump into the game and let them in kindergarten. Your objective in this game is to provide the best daycare service, you should be really careful while taking care of children. Their parents will take them to your daycare before they go to work. There is no reason to be worried! All the activities are ready, you just need to teach them to the kids. Dr. Panda will be always there if you need anything! You can use your mouse to control the kids, click and then drag them to the place you want. You can give them toys, put funny hats on their heads, play ball with them, or play a jumping game on the ball! When you feel that they are hungry, you can move to the kitchen by clicking on the yellow right arrow on the screen or you can go outside together for a pool party! Don’t forget to put them to bed in the afternoon, or else they can get grumpy! Good luck!

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Dr. Panda LTD developed Dr. Panda Daycare.

Release Date

December 29, 2020


  • Animal involving
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • 2D graphics
  • No levels to pass


You can use your mouse to play this game.

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