Funny Bone Surgery

Funny Bone Surgery

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In Funny Bone Surgery, this little girl needs your miracle hands! All Leah wanted was skateboarding freely in the street. Suddenly, she found herself lying on the ground. As the best surgent in the town, you must help her no matter what. Her injuries and broken bones may look saddening but do everything you can to fix her! Now, grab your tools and jump into the operation room!

Meet our cute girl, Leah! She is a quite talented little girl whose only wish was to have fun skateboarding on the street. But an unfortunate accident happened! She looked back for a second and found herself lying on the ground unconsciously. You are the best orthodontist and surgent in the town. Take her to the room and get the procedure started. The first stage is taking care of the injuries. Follow the guidance arrows and use the tools given at the bottom of the game screen. In the second stage, things get serious. You will perform the surgery and treat the broken bones. The third stage is the best! She is determined to change her old look before leaving the hospital. Choose the best clothes and match them with amazing accessories! You will also enjoy various mini-puzzles during the process. She looks all fabulous now. Well done, doc!

Hey, doc! We have brought you another patient who needs your miracle hands once again! If you have time to take him to the room now, then be sure to visit Hospital Doctor Emergency.


iclickgames developed Funny Bone Surgery.

Release Date

December 16, 2020


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Engaging backstory to enjoy
  • 3 stages to complete
  • Fun and addictive gameplay


You can use your mouse or touch controls to play this game.

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