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Help Santa get through all his errands in Drop the Gift! Santa is usually packed around these times. You know, Christmas hits him really hard. He must go around giving people their gifts, of course, only if they deserve it! So, can you be one of the well-behaved people and help Santa with his job?

Santa is floating in the sky with his favorite deer, and he is literally packed with all the presents he must give to millions of people. As you can guess, it is a hard thing to do and keep up with. So, what he needs is you. You can assist Santa with aiming at the chimneys. Many chimneys are situated one after another. So, when you aim at a chimney, sometimes you may miss it since Santa and his deer also go on moving. This means you need to be quick when you’re telling Santa where to aim. Also, sometimes you will need to rotate his sled upwards or downwards because there may be crows flying or unexpectedly high buildings. You need to do all these things all at once and fulfill a given goal within a limited number of gifts. So, try to successfully get enough gifts in chimneys within a limited number of gifts you have and help Santa now!

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Wanted 5 Games B.V. developed Drop the Gift.

Release Date
December 01, 2021

• 2D colorful graphics
• Intuitive controls
• Addictive gameplay
• Need for sudden player control
• Helping Santa!

You can use the W and S keys to rotate Santa’s sled and the space key to drop the gifts.

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