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Santa Chase

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Hop on your sled and kick up the dust in Santa Chase! Being Santa may get a little monotonous sometimes. But you also need some fun from time to time. So, get down to the parking lot and glide around with your sled. How long can you go on before you hit somewhere and fail?

In this parking lot, you are with some others while you are driving around your sled. With snow falling on your head and the merry Christmas trees around, you are feeling the best of your Santa mood. Still, you want to spice things up by having a different kind of activity in your life after all the work you have done. So, in this game, your aim is to build a train with as many parts as you can. As you go along the way, you will see some traffic cones, trees, street lights, and gift boxes. But you have to be careful when it comes to dodging these obstacles. For example, the gift boxes are there for you to collect. When you collect a gift box, you will have parts added to your sled. The numbers on the gift boxes at the time you collect them will determine how many parts will be added to your sled. Other than that, you should stay away from the traffic lights, the borders of the parking lot, and the trees not to fail the level. So, get on the road and see how many points you can get the most.

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vetx developed Santa Chase.

Release Date
December 08, 2021

Colorful graphics
Christmas theme
Intuitive skills
Calming and addictive gameplay

You can use the arrow keys to rotate the sled.

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