Santa’s Christmas Fishing

Santa’s Christmas Fishing

About Santa’s Christmas Fishing

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There’s plenty of fish in the sea with Santa’s Christmas Fishing! Santa is out there to prepare himself a delicious meal. As natural as it is, he lives in the poles, and his best option is fish! So, now join him on his adventure to fish some high-quality pole fish. Can you get enough fish to make Santa happy?

In this addictive and fun game, you will fish with Santa. All you need to do to start fishing is tap on the screen. When you tap on the screen, you will whip the fishhook and start getting the fish. When Santa is pulling the fishhook back, you will have the chance to rotate the fishhook. In this case, you will be helping Santa since he can’t see where exactly the fish are deep underwater. How many fish you get in one round is dependent on three factors. These factors are bucket size, depth, and fish price. You can upgrade how many fish your bucket will get, the depth your fishhook will go, and the money the fish you collect will bring to you. To upgrade those factors, you can use the money you collect. At this point, you can choose wisely in which order you better upgrade these factors. Evidently, with more and higher-priced fish at one go, you will have more money to spend and more chance to upgrade. This way, you can go on this addictive arcade game as long as you want!

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Inlogic Software developed Santa’s Christmas Fishing.

Release Date
December 08, 2021

• Colorful graphics
• Christmas carol playing
• Christmas theme
• Intuitive skills
• Calming and addictive gameplay

You can use your mouse to whip the fishhook and the cursor to rotate it.

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