The Last Survivors

The Last Survivors

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Once-pristine and -busy streets are now in ruins in the post-apocalyptic world of the addictive action platform game, Last Survivors. A virus has changed the residents into insane zombies, and a father and daughter are the only living humans left in this city. Can you help them through 20 challenging and amazing levels to escape the city? Zombies, obstacles, and deadly traps are what you should expect in this popular game.

Zombies moan and limp around in the streets looking for survivors, either to turn or to eat, and nature has reclaimed what was taken from it many years ago. That’s the miserable condition of this once-bustling city in Last Survivors. Your objective as the player in this exciting game is to take control of a father and daughter and help them escape this city without either of them turning into zombies. The game offers 20 different levels, each filled with different obstacles, from deadly traps to hungry zombies. You can either play the game by yourself by controlling the two characters simultaneously or ask a friend to help you as each of you take control of a character. Both the father and the daughter have different abilities that you have to use to complete each level. The father is a strong man who can break some obstacles and beat up zombies, while the daughter can fit through small spaces and throw rocks to distract the zombies’ attention. On each level, you’ll see cogs that you can collect. This is an optional objective, but if you manage to collect all 60 cogs, you will unlock a bonus level. Can you help this duo to survive as they make their way through the city?

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  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • 20 levels with different designs
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Can control 2 characters at once


Use the WASD keys to control the daughter. Use the arrow keys to control the father.

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