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Truck Mania

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Player: 256 plays

Toy trucks could never match the vehicles you’ll find in Truck Mania. A challenging new level of driving and maneuvering mayhem awaits you. Are you ready to face and conquer it? Jump behind the steering wheel and tame those monster trucks as you try to deliver fragile cargo over the hills and far away! With its various levels and unlockable trucks, you are sure to have a fun time during your challenging and demanding journey! Start the engine, put the car into the right gear, and leave your signature on the tough roads with your tire tracks!

As the driver, your aim is to transport the cargo to the finish line without dropping and destroying it. Beware though! The road is unlike anything you might expect in the city! Rocky and steep hills, canyons, and weak bridges are just a few of the many obstacles waiting for you. These formidable roads are not just a threat to your cargo. You should take care of your truck, too! Using the arrow keys, try to adjust your speed accordingly or your whole truck will tip over cargo and all. As you complete each level and deliver the cargo by reaching the finish line, you’ll unlock new and more powerful trucks to drive. Each truck has its own strengths and weaknesses and different performance levels. Some are faster than others and some have more powerful breaks. After you unlock them all, try each one of them and decide on your favorite truck to show who is the best driver in these hills!

Easier gameplay is combined with tougher challenges in Truck Mania, and the game offers a lot of entertainment as you try to overcome the obstacles littering the road ahead of you. Keep your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road, because you never know what you might encounter. If you want to discover different and fun gameplay involving cars, be sure to check out our other car games!


Truck Mania was developed by Peter Kaspar.


  • 24 fun levels to complete
  • Different trucks to unlock
  • Various challenges to overcome
  • Intuitive controls


Use arrow keys to control your truck.

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