Thrill Rush 4

Thrill Rush 4

About Thrill Rush 4

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In Thrill Rush 4, hold on tight! We are going on the ultimate rollercoaster ride! You are in a rollercoaster train that is moving nonstop, but you need to control it! Will you able to complete all the challenging levels and come to the end of this game? Have fun!

Is there anyone who doesn’t love roller coasters? Yes, we thought so too. You are gonna love this game! If you are ready for the adventure, you can start the game, and start playing the first level. In this first level, you will be on your own on the road, all you need to do is move on the rails without falling down. Don’t forget to collect the money on your way! These will serve you to upgrade your vehicle and change your character. Trick your way through a water slide, make flips on stunt bikes, and beat your opponents to the finish line! Giant blocks and gaps may appear out of nowhere. You need to pass each obstacle during the day or at night! You will have 15 levels to complete, as you proceed with the game, the levels will be getting harder and harder. You won’t be alone in the upcoming levels, there will be other characters on your way, and you need to push them down to complete the level successfully! You can follow the progress at the bottom of the screen and the money at the top. Good luck!

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Agame developed Thrill Rush 4.

Release Date

May 3, 2017


  • Challenging gameplay
  • Unlockable items
  • 15 levels to pass
  • Entertaining gameplay


You can use your up-arrow key to control the character.

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