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Wheels on the Bus

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Everybody loves to sing, and children are no exception! Wheels On the Bus brings back one of many people’s favorite children’s songs to your browser! Are you ready to sing your heart out with this cute and interactive singing game? Join the cute animals and sing along either by yourself to go back to those happy moments of your childhood or with little kids in your house to have a fun time together as the beautiful melody plays! Who knows? Maybe you’ll decide to add this cute song to your “songs to sing in the shower” list!

Long car rides are the best! You can look out the window and watch the trees as they pass, try to imagine what kind of lives people have in the interesting towns and villages you travel through, or imagine a character running alongside your car jumping over obstacles like other vehicles. The best part of car rides, though, is the singing! With Wheels On the Bus, you don’t have to be on a car ride to sing one of your favorite children’s songs. Join the cute animals, such as the bunny, elephant, fox, monkey, and tiger the driver, to sing along with the song wheels on the bus! It might be some time since you’ve sung this song or maybe you’d like to teach your little ones the lyrics. Don’t worry! You won’t face one of those awkward but hilarious situations where you can’t remember the lyrics! Wheels On the Bus features lyrics on the screen, so anyone can follow the song and learn to sing! You can click on the animals to interact with them. You can also click on the various places on the bus to play additional effects, such as the lights and horn! Such a cheerful journey!

Singing with your animal friends is a rewarding experience. Are you an animal lover? If so, be sure to check out what the furry denizens of PokiFun are up to in our collection of amazing animal games, and do not forget to try out Club Penguin! Have fun playing!


  • Colorful graphics
  • Cute animals
  • Lovely music


Use your mouse to play the game.

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