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Puppy Sling

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Puppy Sling is here to add some color to your day! Drag and drop the Puppy from one place to another. As high Puppy Sling as you can, sling, bounce, and swing your Puppy. Collect coins to unlock cute puppies like Corgis, Pugs, French Bulldogs, Shiba Inus, and other species. Have fun!

Are you in the middle of a meeting or a class that you want to quit? Then this game is just for you to kill some time and get away from the current situation! But don’t worry! This is just a game, and any dogs will be hurt! The only thing you need to play this game is your mouse or finger! So now if you are ready to drag and launch the Puppy from one point to the next, let’s jump into the game right away! Your objective in this game is to keep the Puppy on the platform as long as possible without letting him fall down. As there are no levels to pass in this game, your goal is to get the highest possible. Click on your left mouse button, hold it until you find the right place the puppy jumps, and release when you are ready! Are you ready to launch some cute dogs? Then let’s jump into the game right away! Have fun!

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MarketJS developed Puppy Sling.

Release Date

September 9, 2021


  • Cozy and homey environment
  • Challenging, endless gameplay
  • Great for competitive play with leaderboards
  • Entertaining gameplay


You can use your mouse or your finger to play this game.

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