Wild Race 3D

Wild Race 3D

About Wild Race 3D

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In Wild Race 3D, get ready for your lifes most exciting driving experience! The game will test how far you can go with this amazing car! Are you ready for this crazy experience? Fasten your seatbelt and jump into your car! Have fun!

This is one of the most exciting car games ever! You are on an endless road in your car. But you are not alone! There will be so many other cars on your way! Your objective in this game is to drive as long as it is possible. The road is endless, there are no levels to pass, you just keep going! If you feel ready, choose your car among 14 options with different qualities, and start the game by clicking on the play button. Don’t forget! In the beginning, you will only have one car options to drive. As you proceed with the game, the options will increase. In the game, your only job is to drive but you need to be careful! Try not to hit the other cars on the road. This will decrease your score. You will see some coins on the road, try to collect them all. You will use them in the garage to unlock new car models. You can follow your score, coins, and the remaining time at the top of the screen. You can also follow the distance you drive from the top of the screen. Are you ready for the challenge? Then jump into your car! Good luck!

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Chilican developed Wild Race 3D.

Release Date

March 24, 2017


  • Various car options to unlock.
  • Coins to collect
  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Addictive gameplay


You can use your arrow keys to play this game.

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