William And Sly 2

William And Sly 2

About William And Sly 2

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William and Sly 2 is a sequel to the widely popular first game of the series, and it brings back everyone’s favorite fox, Sly. Take control of this agile and energetic fox in this second game and embark on an amazing journey. Featuring amazing graphics and a beautiful world, this game will become one of your favorite games. Show those gnomes that nothing could stay hidden when Sly is on the job!

Those mushroom-eating fiendish gnomes stole and torn up the pages of William’s journal, and he is quite busy with sunbathing while reading a book. Start your adventure, and traverse through this amazing fantasy realm. As the player, your objective in this game is to collect all the missing pages together so William can bind them together. You can control the protagonist with the use of the WASD or the arrow keys. Sly can jump to high places, and due to his agile nature, he won’t take any fall damage. When you come near an object, press the down arrow key or the S key to interact with them. Apart from your main objective, the game also features many different side-quests that you can get by praying at the altars scattered around the map. These quests range from finding missing totem pieces to freeing little fairies trapped in ice. Can you find all the pages and take your revenge from those nasty gnomes?

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Lucas Paakh developed William and Sly 2.


  • Colorful graphics
  • A beautiful fantasy setting
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Different side quests


Use the WASD or the arrow keys to move around. Press the SPACE BAR to toggle the map on and off. Use the B key to toggle the journal screen on and off.

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