Totemia Cursed Marbles

Totemia Cursed Marbles

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Break the curse and become the king of totems in Totemia Cursed Marbles! In this tribe, there is a very famous belief. The infamous curse is out there, and it dooms all the rulers! Now, it is in your hands to break this totem and save the kingdom. Are you ready for this vital mission?

In this match game, your essential task is to get together the marbles of the same color. The reason behind this task is to pop out all the magical marbles before they can reach the core of the spiral. You should break the curse, and to achieve this, you will have to pop out all the marbles and stop their way to the ending point of the spiral. You can check what color the upcoming marble will be from the forehead of the magical totem. Later, you can send the marble next to the marbles that are the same color as it. This way, you will get rid of a group of marbles, and doing the same, you will destroy the dooming power behind this queue of marbles! Let’s see if you can turn the luck and prevent the marbles from reaching the core of the spirals!

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Famobi GmbH developed Totemia Cursed Marbles.

Release Date

March 10, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• Multiple levels and intuitive skills

• Relaxing yet challenging game experience

• Addictive gameplay


You can use the cursor to spot the places to send the marbles.

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