Squid Challenge Honeycomb

Squid Challenge Honeycomb

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Play this challenging game to survive in Squid Challenge Honeycomb! These may seem like regular candies you can eat. But you shouldn’t be deceived by the sweet, sweet look these candies have. When your life is at stake, and the only thing you are left with is one of these candies, you may not think the same way! Are you ready to draw simple shapes out of a honeycomb candy to save your life?

As in the phenomenal series, you are given this simple-looking task of drawing basic shapes out of honeycomb candies. These shapes may look like they’re a piece of cake, but when it comes to scratching those shapes for your life without breaking them, things may go south. It is a matter of seconds to get the pin within the borders of these basic shapes. If you can’t carefully stay on the lines while drawing those shapes, you will be eliminated. In this game, you don’t immediately lose your chance, though. Out of the five characters, you can start with your favorite one. Try to go as far as you can in the levels with that character. If you fail the task, then that character will be eliminated, and you will have to choose another character. This means that you will have to start from scratch and try solving all the levels once again beginning from the first one. If you can pass the first four levels, though, there will be more complicated shapes for you to draw. So, build up your courage to take these candies in your hands to survive out of this challenge.

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TapTapking.com developed Squid Challenge Honeycomb.

Release Date
November 12, 2021

• 2D colorful graphics
• Challenging gameplay
• Intuitive skills
• Addictive levels
• Five different characters that you love

You can use your mouse to draw lines and scratch the candy.

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