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Draw & Save Him

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Are you ready to save this little stickman in Draw & Save Him? In this 3D game, you are paving the way for a tiny stickman so that he can complete his journey. He is small, and the world is big, so he needs you a lot. Can you help him through the journey?

In this game, you have a very autonomous stickman. He doesn’t need you to move or run. He can walk all the way himself. But what he needs you to help with the most is assistance with the platform. Sometimes, there will be some missing parts on the platform. He can’t jump, so he needs you through those gaps. And sometimes, he will need you to dodge huge balls or sharp stones falling on top of his head. You have a solution for all these problems, though. All you need to do is to draw some lines in a way to help him. Just draw straight lines for him to climb to higher stocks, go over the gaps and stop the balls and sharp rocks from falling. This way, he will be safe on his journey. So, now let’s see how many levels you can make him go on!

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OneTwoPlay developed Draw & Save Him.

Release Date

January 11, 2022


3D colorful graphics

Multiple levels

Intuitive controls

Skins to unlock


You can use the mouse to draw the trajectory for the stickman.

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