Trollface Quest

Trollface Quest

About Trollface Quest

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U mad? If not, then you surely will be while playing Trollface Quest! The first game of the series, Trollface Quest challenges you to think outside of the box while constantly reminding you nothing is as easy and direct as it seems. Or is it? Jump into the 2D world and try to beat Trollface at his own game! Who’s laughing now? 20 levels packed with challenges and funny animations will put a smile on your face. Just don’t become the Trollface yourself.

Trollface Quest is a point and click game so all you need to play the game is your mouse. When you first start, Trollface appears on your TV screen and challenges you to play a series of games with him. As the confident and capable player, you accept and get sucked into the world of mischief and surprise. In Trollface Quest, you should think twice before pushing buttons and cutting ropes. The playful meme will test your intelligence with his sly methods. Sometimes the key to passing a level would be hidden in plain sight and sometimes, you just don’t have to do anything. You’ll never know what to expect. From life-threatening situations like trying to stop a boulder from crushing you to escaping from the hearth fire of hungry cannibals… The levels you’ll have to complete to put an end to the game of the Trollface is as bizarre as his eternally grinning face. Trust your wit and let the games begin! Try not to get mad!

Enjoy the hilarious gameplay and animations of the Trollface Quest as you solve devious puzzles and try to survive. In Trollface Quest, even failing is rewarding! If you enjoy this adventure, try to beat one of the other puzzle games in our collection, Save the Dummy. You may also try other point-and-click games such as RoBBie or one of the famous Wheely games. Have fun playing!


Trollface Quest was created by PPLLAAYY.

Release Date

7 December 2010


  • Funny animations
  • Puzzles
  • 20 levels
  • Simple controls


Use your mouse to play the game.

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