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Santa Adventure

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Santa’s adventurous life never slows down in Santa Adventure! Would you like to take part in a day of Santa and experience the things he does? Now, you can see how crazy his life is. Now prepare yourself and try to keep up with his pace in this game!
This game is a fun and addictive platform game. You can play as Santa and move with your character. In this endless platform, the character moves rapidly and with no stop. You don’t have to move your character forward since it moves. But what is critical of you is that Santa needs to dodge the objects. These obstacles will cause you to fail the level if you accidentally hit them. Therefore, you need to be careful of the obstacles and act accordingly. You can jump over the cliffs and boxes or slide under the narrow spaces. This way, you can go on collecting the gift boxes and save points on the way. Now, try not to hit the obstacles or fall and see how far you can go on this endless platform!

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magnificstudios developed Santa Adventure.

Release Date
December 13, 2021

• 2D colorful graphics
• Intuitive skills
• Christmas theme
• Calming and addictive gameplay

You can use the up key to jump and the down key to slide.

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