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Tomb Runner

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In Tomb Runner, it’s time to unleash your inner Usain Bolt! Now it’s time to run because adventures are fun. Do you think you will be able to follow Professor Jones and all the others and venture into the unknown in this game?

Blessed are curious, for they shall have adventures! Professor Jones and the other heroes decided to explore a tomb to discover the hidden treasure buried here. But adventure always comes with danger. And this game is no exception to that. In this game, you need to make sure our characters survive, run, and slide through various obstacles and collect as many gems as you can along the way. You can play with the arrow keys or the WASD keys if you want. The tomb is filled with traps so if you want to become the richest man alive, you need to pour your blood, sweat, and tears into this. You need to avoid obstacles such as spiked barrels and flames to earn a high score. You need to run through tight gaps that can bring the end of you and pass through corners that are as sharp as Brad Pitt’s jawline. You also need to collect all the gems you can find to play as the other characters. Do you think you will be able to beat your own high score in this game?

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Gemioli developed Tomb Runner.

Release Date

February, 2016.


  • Endless fun gameplay
  • Different characters to buy
  • Simple controls
  • Nice graphics


Up arrow key to jump. Down arrow key to slide. Left to move left and right to move right.

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