Roller Ball 5

Roller Ball 5

About Roller Ball 5

Player: 155 plays

Roll around with the most talented ball ever in Roller Ball 5! The cutest of the balls is here, and it is ready to take you on a journey! When you are ready jump along his side and overcome all the obstacles through the levels!

This ball is full of emotions, so being on its side will be a blast of fun. On the way, you will see many levels that will keep you active. This is because there will always be a bunch of stars to collect, some obstacles to overcome, and whatnot. Be sure to collect all the coins and all the stars when you’re rolling your way in the green jungle. As fun as it is to roll around, you are very open to hazardous projectiles. So, always try to dodge the monsters with sharp edges. Feel free to use the coins and the stars to unlock many of the amazing skins. You will not be disappointed when you see some familiar faces on your cute little ball! Now, let’s see how long you can go alongside our round hero!

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Bin Studio developed Roller Ball 5.

Release Date

February 14, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• Easy and relaxing controls

• Multiple levels

• Skins to unlock

• Lucky spin to receive new gifts


You can use the arrow buttons on the screen or the arrow keys to move the ball left, right, or up.

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