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Pixel Crash 3D

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Get your car and let loose in Pixel Crash 3D! Pixels are everywhere and you are invited to fully dive into this world of colorful digital squares. A bandit life and the colors of the city get united here. But are you ready for this kind of adventure?

This game is a pixel-graphic-based car game that you can play in various kinds of modes. First, choose your car. You can always customize your car with new colors etc. But to unlock new drivers and better skills, you will need to earn more coins by playing the game. You may, then, choose between the race mode, demolition mode, or the city mode. Try to be faster than your rivals and win the race in the first mode. You should be careful not to crush your car in this mode. On the contrary, you will be earning points for crashing into other cars in the demolition mode. Finally, you can drive freely in the city mode. Let’s see if you’re cut from this cloth and can enjoy the pixelled-looking bandit car game!

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No Outlinks developed Pixel Crash 3D.

Release Date

March 29, 2022


3D pixel-art graphics

Skins to unlock and upgradeable skills

Need for skillful driving controls

Multiple levels


You can use the WASD or arrow keys to use the car.

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