Parking Escape

Parking Escape

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In Parking Escape, you will have the chance to unleash the city person inside you. All the cars and street noises have sure turned you into some kind of a city expert. It would be safe to say that you know a boring and nerve-wracking traffic jam when you see one. Now, it is time for you to use all the city life experience you have acquired and have some good pastime with the ultimate escape game. Are you ready to let those cars out of their jinxed parking places in the parking lot?

When you have a problem at hand, you should approach it in the most ideal way to solve it. That is exactly what you need in this game to solve all the tangled parking problems. At each level, there are a whole parking lot of taxis, cars, and busses. Believe it or not, they are blocking each other’s ways and they need to get out of the parking lot, immediately. This tangling puzzle should be solved with cars and other vehicles being moved by you one by one. You, of course, need a good plan to clear the way completely off those vehicles. Sure, it is not that easy to let each vehicle go one by one. In this busy and crowded city, there are many mailboxes, trash cans, parking cones, fire hydrants, and whatnot. Just beware of these everyday items, so you don’t hit and damage the vehicles. That would cause you some coins for sure, just like crashing the cars one into another would. So, get ready and work carefully to solve this gridlock to let the vehicles free!

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OneTwoPlay BV developed Parking Escape.

Release Date
November 11, 2021

3D colorful graphics
• Multiple levels to complete
• Requirement of strategic thinking
• Vehicles to unlock

You can use the mouse of your computer to move the vehicles.

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