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Heroic Survival

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In Heroic Survival, the world has been surrounded by blood-thirsty zombies! You and your hero must defend yourself and what is yours no matter what. The walking dead is real, and they are coming to get you. Use your ax to destroy them once and for all. If you can kill them one by one, you can upgrade your character stats and increase your chance of survive in this crazy ghost town. Here we go, then!

The end of the world is sooner than you think. These evil zombies have surrounded everywhere! You must find a way to protect yourself and survive in this crazy world. The objective of this thrilling RPG survival game is to kill as many zombies as you can to complete the levels before they kill you. Attack them without showing any mercy with your mouse by using the left click of your mouse. As you proceed in the game, the number of zombies in a wave will increase. Use the right-click to sprint and dodge them. Attack the dodged ones from behind to take your moves for granted. Each zombie you kill will give you coins. Use your earnings to unlock more amazing heroes and upgrade their life, power, and speed stats. Takedown all the monsters and bring peace to the world once again!

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JulGames developed Heroic Survival.

Release Date

September 20, 2021


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Several challenging levels to complete
  • Various warriors to unlock from the in-game shop
  • Upgrading character stats with in-game earnings


Left-click to attack and right-click to sprint with your mouse.

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