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Become the biggest monster around in! You are in a dangerous arena full of monsters. In this risky place, you must become the winner to survive. Are you ready to unleash the beast in you to become the winner and save your life?

In this amazing 3D game, you should brace yourself for a tight fight. In this arena, some tiny poor people are destined to be crushed by the monster. You are one of these aforementioned monsters. The tricky thing is that you start as a relatively smaller monster. The more people you crash, the bigger you will become, and your level will be higher. Eventually, you will start crashing monsters that are smaller than you. If handled correctly, this process will not only earn you money but also will let you stay alive in the arena. When you are the biggest monster with the highest level, you will win the round. Do not forget that you can unlock new monsters and upgrade your speed, power, or lives with the money you earned. Now, get there and smash some people or monsters smaller than you to become the winner!

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2Play developed

Release Date

January 10, 2022


3D realistic graphics

Multiple levels

Intuitive controls

Challenging and variety of enemies

Skins to unlock

Skills to upgrade


You can use the cursor to move the monster towards your rivals.

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