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Squid Challenge Escape

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Escape to your freedom in Squid Challenge Escape! You are stuck between dangerous robots and guards. Now, you really must fight for your life to escape this frightening zone and save your life. Get your guns, kill your enemies, and run away!

In this adventure game, you are surrounded by dangerous enemies whose all life is built on killing hostages like you. You, as the sole defender of your life, should use your weapons wisely and run for your life. The tricky thing is that when all your enemies come at you at once, you will have a limited space to move. So, you need to be careful when running because when you hit your enemies or the bullets coming from their guns, you lose power. Eventually, if you are repeatedly attacked, you lose your life. Not to lose your life very fast, you need to collect coins and get power-ups. Another chance is to get better weapons that will help you kill your enemies more easily. While commanding your character, you can use the arrow keys and the space key to jump. Don’t forget that your character automatically aims and shoots at enemies. Now, get your guns ready and see how far you can go while shooting your enemies on the way.

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TapTapking.com developed Squid Challenge Escape.

Release Date
December 03, 2021

• 2D colorful graphics
• Guns and power-ups to unlock
• Challenging enemies
• Intuitive controls

You can use the mouse and/or the arrow keys to command your character.

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