Gladiator True Story

Gladiator True Story

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Witness historical moments in Gladiator True Story! You are the most notorious gladiator of all time, and this is your chance to prove this to everyone. This arena is yours, and you bring everyone to order with your bare hands. As vicious as it is, you have to fight for your life. Everyone wants to see you kill your enemies, so give the citizens what they want and survive in this arena!

You are now back in time in historical times. There you stand in the arena; the emperor and thousands of people are watching you. To survive and get money, you must put on a show, and your show is fighting and killing. Now, you must trust your sword and gladiator skills because there will be waves of enemies coming. They may use different weapons than you, for example, arches. But you must be ready to face them all. You have a wonderful shield that lets you protect yourself and save up some extra energy to scatter everyone around. Still, you will have so many chances to get even better gears. Sometimes the citizens will throw huge chests with new swords or shields as a gift for your huge success. Use them to kill more people and protect yourself better. Try to see how many waves of enemies you can survive while you are collecting money and fighting for your life. Your two main moves are to swing your knife around and to protect yourself with your shield while you’re saving up energy to burst. Move carefully, fight viciously in this extremely realistic historical arena and have a journey to historical times as a gladiator!

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Xform developed Gladiator True Story.

Release Date
November 22, 2021

• Realistic graphics
• Multiple levels
• Intuitive controls
• Challenging and variety of enemies
• Gears to unlock

You can use the arrow keys of your computer to control the player, the Z key to swing your sword, and the X key to use your shield.

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