Operation Desert Road

Operation Desert Road

About Operation Desert Road

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In Operation Desert Road, breathtaking missions are waiting for you! The desert roads are full of enemies and to save your country, you have to eliminate them one by one! Jump into your tank and let’s destroy the enemies! Have fun and good luck with them!

The enemy forces are trying to invade your city, and they are approaching from the desert! Before they reach the city, someone has to stop them! So, the government charged you with this mission! Do you think you are the right person to stop them? Then let’s jump into the game and show them who is in charge! To start the game, you can click on the play button on the main menu. Your objective in this game is to eliminate the enemies, destroy their buildings and arrive at the final destination safely. You can use your arrow keys to control your vehicle, z key to shoot, and x key to activate special. Get ready to drive through desert areas! You need to have great reflexes to go on driving or else the game will be over! You can even unlock new vehicles as you progress through the game! Are you ready to destroy the enemies and save your city? Good luck!

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Xform developed Operation Desert Road.

Release Date

November 4, 2021


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Challenging and entertaining gameplay
  • Intuitive controls
  • New cars to unlock


You can use your WASD, Z and X keys to play this game.

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