Friday Night Funkin Hugie Wugie

Friday Night Funkin Hugie Wugie

About Friday Night Funkin Hugie Wugie

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Enjoy a crazy night out in Friday Night Funkin Hugie Wugie! You love music and hanging out with friends while listening to the best music. But today, you are not only listening to some music but making music together with friends. Let’s get ready to groove!

This is a crazy music game. All you are going to focus on is the joy of music and the feeling of happiness you will get while making music. Hugie Wugie and friends came together and offered you this fun activity. Now, you will try to get all the beats and all the notes correct to hear the best music. Just keep an eye on the arrows that are coming floating on the screen. You will need to press the related arrow key that hits the arrow key shadows on the screen at the time. If you can press the keys at the right time, you won’t skip any beat and have a perfect, flawless song. Let’s see if you can achieve this with friends!

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Developer developed Friday Night Funkin Hugie Wugie.

Release Date

March 03, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• Multiple levels

• Intuitive controls

• Challenging gameplay

• Fun and interesting game music


You can use the arrow keys of your computer to match the arrow icons.

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