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Robo Clone

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Sharpen your reflexes in the hi-tech world of Robo Clone! You will find yourself way in the future now. Smart robots, clones, and whatnot. They are waiting for you to dive into the big adventure. You are the star of this adventure, so you better adapt to this new world! Are you ready for what may come?

This game from the far future will take you to a whole new world. Try not to be too intrigued by the radiant neon lights, the unbelievable blades, and many other new hi-tech things. You are the commander of two cloned robots in this game. Your aim is to keep them safe throughout the radiant neon road they are taking. This road is an endless one and you should try to keep up as long as you can. Use the arrow keys to rotate your clones. Tilt them to left or right to dodge dangerous blades. Sometimes, there will be bombs in the middle of the road, too. Then, you can get your two clones apart from each other by pressing the left and right arrow keys at the same time. Now, let’s see how far you can go in this futuristic game!

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Freak X Apps developed Robo Clone.

Release Date

February 11, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• Multiple levels and intuitive skills

• Challenging game experience

• Addictive gameplay


You can use the arrow keys to rotate your clones.

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