Dora and Friends Mermaid Treasure

Dora and Friends Mermaid Treasure

About Dora and Friends Mermaid Treasure

Player: 261 plays

In Dora and Friends Mermaid Treasure, you need to find the lost treasure. To help Dora and her friends, you will need to complete some tasks so that the stolen treasures can be turned back to their owners. But you have got a good back up! Dora’s mermaid friend and other sea animals are there to help you solve this puzzle. Now, let’s do some digging!

In an ordinary day, Dora suddenly finds out that some of the most precious treasures of undersea are disappeared! So, who took all these precious items? That is what Dora and her friends are trying to solve. Help them to find the stuff by completing the tasks. Start with cleaning the beach. There are lots of trash buried under the sand, and you need to dig them up to clean the beach. While digging, don’t forget to collect the buried coins too! The second task is entertaining the octopus. What you should do is to match the last two animals according to the previous patterns. The third and last task is about collecting the gold items in the shells. Don’t select the other ones rather than gold! Click on the troublemaker mermaid to make her go away. Now that we are done, enjoy the underwater adventures of Dora!

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  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Animal involved adventure game
  • Multiple tasks to be completed
  • Entertaining, kids gameplay


Can be played with the mouse.

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