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Agent J

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You are the new Agent J now! You vs. all the bad guys in this city. Grab all the weapons you have and take your place to save the world. Aim at your enemies, hide to avoid their shots, and move forward by eliminating others towards victory. Destroy everyone who comes your way or die trying! Ready for this thrilling casual game now? If so, let the fight begin!

Agent J is a very mind-blowing casual game that will lock you in front of the screen for hours of fun. With its 3D graphics and daily rewards, you can be addicted to this shooting game! The objective is to complete each level by shooting your enemies. The real challenge begins when they start to shoot at you. You must hide the back of the tables and the cabinets to avoid the bullets. There are life bars at the top of the characters. Don’t forget to check yours if you don’t want to miss your progress for your current level. As you proceed in the game, you will earn cash. Use your earnings to unlock new agents and weapons. You can also upgrade the level of your current weapons from the armory. Don’t forget to spin the Lucky Wheel and claim the Sign Daily for more rewards! Good luck now and have fun playing!

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YAD.Com developed Agent J.

Release Date

October 4, 2021


  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Sign daily to claim and lucky wheel to spin
  • Unlocking we characters and weapons
  • Fun and engaging gameplay


Use your mouse or the touch controls to play this game.

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