Daddy Rabbit

Daddy Rabbit

About Daddy Rabbit

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Daddy Rabbit is on the mission! This huge farm is under the attack of the jelly zombies! What to do? The daddy must protect his children, but he cannot do this alone. The biggest problem is that the little rabbits fall asleep everywhere they pass. If they wake up and start crying, it can be dangerous for everyone. Can you help the rabbit dad find his way through this underground labyrinth and reach a safe zone with his children?

The danger is above this lovely family. Their lives are threatened by the jelly zombies. You should find the dad to carry his babies all the way through these huge underground paths. The objective of this amazing 3D game is to lead the daddy rabbit towards the exit. The challenge is that the little ones fall asleep so frequently since they are babies. Collect the baby rabbits, the gem, and the coin to give them to the mole to complete the levels. It is okay if the babies are asleep. If they cry out loud, the zombies will come to find them, though. That is why you should move forward slowly and leave no baby behind. If you run into any zombie, throw one of your carrots so that they will go away. Follow the guidance arrows and complete this mission for the sake of our little animals!

This time, we have a rabbit ninja who needs your very hands. If you want to help him with his mission now, then be sure to check Ninja Rabbit.


wopa interactive developed Daddy Rabbit.

Release Date

October 7, 2021


  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Several levels to complete
  • Cute animal characters and a background
  • Fun and engaging gameplay


Move with your mouse, the arrows or the AWSD keys. Shoot carrots with the SPACE BAR and make your babies sleep with the B key.

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