Bullet Jakke Adventure

Bullet Jakke Adventure

About Bullet Jakke Adventure

Player: 199 plays

Bullet Jakke Adventure cannon shooter game in which you have to cover as much distance as possible with Jake, the magical flying dog.

In this comical aim and shoot game inspired by the cartoon characters Finn and Jake, you can fling Jake across a prehistoric landscape. Bounce over the dinosaurs and pterodactyls and cover as much distance as possible. 

How to Play Bullet Jakke Adventure?

After launching Jake with the cannon, you can make him fly even further in this action game. Hitting Jake with rubber bullets and purchasing jetpacks will allow him to soar even higher.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to aim the cannon and RELEASE when the meter reaches full power.
  • LEFT CLICK to fire bullets at Jack to make him bounce up.

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Who Developed Bullet Jakke Adventure?

Bullet Jakke Adventure was created by TapTapKing.

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