Baby Hazel: Adventure Book

Baby Hazel: Adventure Book

About Baby Hazel: Adventure Book

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There’s lots of fun waiting for you in Baby Hazel: Adventure Book! Join the terrific tyke in this collection of cute online games.

There’s plenty of adventures in these Baby Hazel games. Join Hazel while she celebrates holidays, goes on safari, and lots more. Just don’t forget that she also has a few doctor’s appointments and could really use a haircut, too!

How to Play Baby Hazel: Adventure Book?

Baby Hazel: Adventure Book features a variety of great games for kids that all star Hazel, a young girl who’s always involved in awesome activities. Join her on vacations, at school, while she helps her mom in their kitchen, and more!

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK on items, characters, and more during each activity.

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Who Developed Baby Hazel: Adventure Book?

Baby Hazel: Adventure Book was created by Axis Entertainment Ltd.

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