Adam and Eve: GO 2

Adam and Eve: GO 2

About Adam and Eve: GO 2

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The courageous caveman is on the move again in Adam and Eve: GO 2.

Tag along with him on another series of thrilling treks in this Adam and Eve game. He’ll be fetching flowers for Eve before he explores a frosty kingdom full of puzzling scenarios. Adam will need to track down some cheese for a hungry mammoth hunter, search for keys, and avoid tricky traps as he continues his journey.

How to Play Adam and Eve: GO 2?

Adam and Eve: GO 2 is a fun platform game. Team up with the famous Neanderthal as he goes on a series of adventures, but keep an eye on his health meter. The places he’ll be travelling through are filled with danger!

Game Controls

  • PRESS THE LEFT ARROW to make Adam go left.
  • PRESS THE RIGHT ARROW to make Adam go right.
  • PRESS THE UP ARROW to make Adam jump.

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Who Developed Adam and Eve: GO 2?

Adam and Eve: GO 2 was created by Functu.

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